Aspera Transfer Service™ is a hosted multi-cloud, multi-tenant software service running that enables secure high-speed transfer of large files and data sets to, from, and across cloud infrastructure.



Aspera Transfer Service is simply the fastest and easiest way to get your data to and from the Cloud. Quickly purchase online and deploy in minutes with no additional infrastructure investment needed and start transferring your data 10 to 100s of times faster. Transfers complete in a fraction of the time of TCP-based transfers, regardless of network conditions or distance to the Cloud data center.

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Support Big Data workloads

Big Data by Aspera standards means terabyte-size files, 100s of TBs transferred each day, petabyte-scale file repositories, and workspaces comprised of tens of millions of files. In addition to its speed, the underlying technology that powers the Aspera Transfer Service is widely recognized as a leader for reliably and predictably moving the largest file sizes and data sets across global distances without losses in performance. There are NO limits on file size or number of files.

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Mass replication & synchronization

Move huge repositories of data en masse in a fraction of the time using the fully managed scale out transfer capacity of ATS and the core FASP technology to efficiently utilize available bandwidth without impacting your other network traffic.